Meet Elijah - owner of Thrive, dedicated craftsman, acclaimed dishwasher, and, of course, Annie's husband. Elijah enjoys many different things - local brews, guitar, and being active to name a few - however, crafting kombucha is at the top of the list. Since his initial encounter with kombucha, Elijah has developed a desire to spread, produce, and distribute the amazing product that nourishes his passion for living out a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. And while his kombucha journey began as a homebrewer for his friends and family in Indiana, it currently lives on through his kombucha microbrewery and taproom on the north side of Lexington, KY... THRIVE.


This is Annie! Other than being Elijah's wife, Annie also does most of the behind-the-scenes work for Thrive (while drinking her favorite glass of booch of course). Annie was introduced to kombucha while attending culinary school in Denver, Colorado, and fell in love with the taste and health properties almost instantly. This inspired her to take her appreciation for the beverage back to her hometown in Indiana to share with others. Crazy enough it was her love for home-brewing kombucha that led to the beginnings of brewing up what is now known as THRIVE.


Say hey to Alex! Other than brewing kombucha, Alex enjoys writing, fly fishing, being active, and hangin' with the people he loves most. Alex was introduced to both Elijah and kombucha while working at Whole Foods, and his relationship with both has taken off since as well. It was his newfound friendship and love for kombucha that put him on the path towards becoming Elijah's right-hand man. While Alex would tell you that he never thought that would be where he is today - at THRIVE brewing up booch with some awesome people - he would also admit to being thankful that he is.



Tre’s first kombucha encounter was actually through us here at THRIVE back in 2019. If you know Tre, then you’re probably used to seeing him in the coffee scene. If you don’t, then ask him about his funny, laid-back coffee podcast or one of the five different coffee bars he’s served at around Lexington. Aside from coffee, the Texas native also enjoys mountain biking, playing music, and spending time with his wife, Emily, and their son, Rook. Tre is a joy to be around, and we are incredibly thankful to have him as a part of our THRIVE family.