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This is Nika! We enjoy having Nika as a part of our THRIVE team of ambassadors for many reasons, and we want to let you all in on why she’s such a great person to have around. Nika can give us a lot of advice on overall health and nutrition - she has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. She is also an active person with a lot of positive energy. Did we mention she’s an instructor at CycleBar Fritz Farms?! Apart from enjoying our kombucha, she loves to travel and experience many different places and cultures. We really look forward to working more with Nika to help inspire the local Lexington community to live active, healthy, and adventurous lifestyles.



Lauren is such a joy to be around, and is a wonderful fit for the THRIVE ambassador team. As many of you may know, Lauren is the General Manager at CycleBar Fritz Farm, and instructs an incredibly fun class. She also enjoys investing in the people around her- she often posts home workout tutorials, and personal health product reviews. She also played soccer at the University of Toledo. We love the opportunity to work with Lauren, and look forward to having her around to help encourage the local Lexington community to be active, healthy, and adventurous.



This is Autumn! It is so exciting to be able to work with Autumn, and to have her join the team. She is an adventurous, joyful, and outgoing person. She is always venturing out and doing something new. Whether it is going on spontaneous trips with her friends, or even turning a drive across town into its own excursion, she seemingly finds a way to transform every outing into something wonderful and fresh. Autumn is an all-star singer, and loves using her gift! If you don’t believe us, just check out some of the videos on her feed, seriously!! We have loved getting to know her, and look forward to seeing her impact the local Lexington community.