Elijah was first introduced to kombucha in 2014 by his now-wife, Annie. Although not a fan initially, Elijah began to try different flavors and learned of the endless health benefits to drinking fermented tea. He was soon hooked. Later that year, they both moved to Lexington as part of a church plant, and Annie’s dad gifted them their first kombucha making kit.

Since they had both fallen in love with the beverage, and saw how it supported their active and adventurous lifestyle, Elijah began experimenting with different flavors and worked at perfecting his own recipe. He began sharing his creations with friends and a local farmer CSA and soon acquired regular customers. Elijah saw a growing demand in the Lexington community for this sparkling health beverage and aspired to share his product on a larger scale.


After years of planning and mastering his product, his dream of Thrive Kombucha finally came to life! The mission of Thrive is to produce nutritionally rich and tastefully refreshing products to nourish you on any adventure you may find yourself on.

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